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30A/South Walton inshore charter fishing
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Louisiana redfish Capt. Hunter Ray

Louisiana Marsh

Along with the rest of the Emerald Coast Redfish Circuit anglers, I finally got over to Delacroix last week for a redfish tournament. From all the reports I had received, I knew the fishing was going be good but I never expected it to...

Gold Spoons

I'm not sure how a fish can mistake a piece of metal for a bait fish but for some reason they do.  With all these new hard baits out that actually look and smell like bait fish, I still always keep a gold spoon ready...

Soft Plastics

With all of the advances in modern technology, the new scented soft plastic baits have to be one of the best. You can fish these new baits just like you would fish a live bait. It's crazy to think you can put a scented shrimp...