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30A/South Walton inshore charter fishing
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The Ultimate Boat

In the economy we live in today, it's hard to own multiple boats for different applications such as inshore, offshore or pleasure boating. Bay boats are taking the water by storm because of their versatility and price. In a good bay boat you can run...

Gold Spoons

I'm not sure how a fish can mistake a piece of metal for a bait fish but for some reason they do.  With all these new hard baits out that actually look and smell like bait fish, I still always keep a gold spoon ready...

Bridge Rigs

When I first started fishing with a rod and reel, I would spend hours on the old 331 bridge fishing with frozen shrimp on the cheapest setup money could buy with what was essentially a large bream hook. I thought I was Roland Martin when...

iPilot Trolling Motor

[loop category=Reviews module=a ]The iPilot system is pretty much like having two captains on the boat. It provides you with hands free fishing and holds you on any spot you choose. I can be tying on a lure in the back of the boat and...