Meet the Fishing Guides

At Florida Boy Adventures, our team of fishing guides is second to none. Each captain brings extensive knowledge of the Choctawhatchee Bay, ensuring a memorable fishing experience for every client. Whether you’re bringing the kids for their first fishing trip or are a seasoned angler looking for a new challenge, our captains are adept at tailoring each outing to meet your needs. Trusted by our team, they are committed to delivering a top-notch adventure on the water.

Meet our exceptional guides who make every trip special.

Captain Hunter Ray

Captain Hunter is the found of FBA and an avid outdoorsman who can usually be found on the boat with his family or hunting for deer or turkey when he isn’t fishing with clients. He’s a fourth generation Walton County native who has learned the ins and outs of the local waters from decades of fishing and officially as a captain since 2010. Read more about Captain Hunter here.

Captain Gilbert Ray

Captain Gilbert Ray is Hunter’s dad and a seasoned veteran with nearly 60 years of fishing experience. Known for his salty charm and captivating storytelling, Captain Gilbert regales with tales of the bay and 30A area that span decades. He learned the art of fishing and living off the land from his father, who could catch any fish in the bay. Captain Gilbert’s deep knowledge of the Choctawhatchee Bay and his skills fishing make every trip an unforgettable adventure.

Captain Ryan

Captain Ryan is a diligent and hard-working guide, known for his deep knowledge of fishing and his understated style. Great with kids, Ryan has a knack for making every trip enjoyable and educational. His quiet dedication and expertise ensure a memorable and successful fishing adventure on the Choctawhatchee Bay.

Captain Hagen

Captain Hagen is the newest addition to our crew, bringing fresh energy to every fishing trip. Deeply passionate about the outdoors and his hometown waters, his dynamic approach and enthusiasm ensure a knowledgeable and engaging experience for all clients.