No Bananas on the Boat

Florida Boy Adventures - 30A Prime Interview

I had a fun opportunity recently to sit down with the team at 30A Prime to talk about Florida Boy Adventures and my experience with inshore fishing here in South Walton. Here’s a quick excerpt below with the full article available here.

“The 30A Prime team was presented with a rare opportunity to interview Captain Hunter Ray of Florida Boy Adventures and we took full advantage of it. He can take up to six guests at a time out on the Choctawhatchee Bay for some Florida Boy fishing that is unparalleled. However, before your trip please note that Captain Hunter does have a few rules…

1. Don’t bring an ice chest as one is always on the boat.
2. Do bring beer (and share with the Captain at the end of the day).
3. No bananas aboard his boat.

Hunter Ray Florida Boy AdventuresHe’s not monkeying around! Captain Hunter says Bananas on a boat are bad luck and this myth goes back to the pirate days.

He told us a true story about what can go wrong when bananas are brought on a vessel and it goes like this… Captain Hunter entered into a fishing tournament and his friend brought a banana on board. He immediately told his friend that he needed to throw the banana overboard, but to no avail. The friend finished the banana throwing the peel into the waters below. Peril became his friend as the next fish caught jumped in the air. The hook that was in the fish mouth ended up in the friend’s foot which resulted in him going overboard. So just remember that bananas are a no go on Florida Boy Adventures charters.”

Be sure to read the full article here and watch the video below. When you’re ready to book a charter, book online here or call 850-499-4473.

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